• Independent and accessible introductory experience of Talking Therapy 
  • Open-access Pop-Up sessions offered in your own workplace or online remotely.

  • Time to discuss issues confidentially, get good information and proper advice

  • Introductory sessions may facilitate future engagement if indicated

  • One-off, occasional or regular therapy sessions in-house for your workplace

  • Counselling and Therapy sessions delivered remotely using  telephone/ video calling

  • Signposting to mental health resources and further clinical referral options if indicated

  • Individuals who need formal help encouraged to seek via GP, HR, as may be indicate

  • Employee Support during workplace change eg COVID-19, redundancies, take-overs, 

  • Opportunity to demonstrate increasing awareness and proactive commitment

  • Option for onward referral and professional liaison services if required

  • Formal direct or remote private psychological sessions available 

  • Formal specialist Clinical or Occupational Health Assessment available on request

     N.B. RE Pop-Up sessions:

  •  No professional nor clinical responsibility is conferred through Pop-Up sessions
  • Not formal Psychological, Therapy or Counselling Sessions 

  • Experiential support and advisory sessions without commitment

  • Raises general awareness of emotional and mental health issues and reduces stigma

  • No formal records taken or kept, discretion assured, reduces GDPR issues

  • Option for useful feedback to internal link person on general themes such as stress

  • Not for serious psychiatric illness, acute personal crisis, suicidal ideation/prevention

  • Any urgent/emergency help must be accessed through person's own GP or A&E Dept

  • Reporting may need to be made if danger of harm or serious wrongdoing is disclosed