Executive  Coaching 

  • For Senior Leaders, Managers, HR and Business owners.
  • Over 15 years expertise in Public & Private Sector Organisations, SMEs, Law Firms. 
  • Particular expertise in working with Lawyers, Senior Police Officers, Politicians. 

  • Confidential One-to-One ongoing therapeutic relationship with discretion assured. 

  • Robust, flexible counselling,  therapy and support in personal or professional crisis.

  • Wellbeing Coaching to encourage balance in personal, family and work commitments.

  • Urgent Support in Media or Legal situations.

  • Robust whistleblowing support in potentially damaging and traumatic situations.

  • Development of Compassionate Leadership skills and approaches. 

  • Positive attitudes of lived experiences, promotion of authentic vulnerability

  • Development of Agility, Anti-Fragility and Resiliance skills for  Leadership.

  • 3, 6, 9 and 12 months Coaching, Mentoring, Consultancy and Advisory Options.
  • Long-term professional commitment to ongoing support over many years as needed.

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